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Car Services

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Volkswagen Car Service Melbourne

For over 30 years ALM Automotive have been providing vehicles from around Melbourne with a comprehensive routine service. We are a reliable and friendly team of mechanics who love nothing more than to see your car running safely and at its best possible performance. We use genuine, non-genuine, and second-hand parts when providing services and repairs, and we never overcharge our valued customers as we provide honest repair recommendations before commencing any work on your vehicle.

Whether you own a Holden, or a Volkswagen, you can trust our superior car service solutions to keep you driving in safety on Melbourne’s roads.

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European Car Servicing Melbourne

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle you want a team who can cater to the individual needs of your car. At ALM Automotive we treat all vehicles that come into our workshop with the highest levels of attention and professionalism, ensuring that all issues are treated according to specification. Thanks to our experience, training, and knowledge ALM Automotive stand out as leaders in European Car Servicing for the Melbourne area.

From Volkswagens, to BMWs and Mercedes Benz luxury vehicles we can improve the performance and driveability of these vehicles through our use of reputable equipment and tools. We are located in Oakleigh and perfectly situated to service cars from Clayton, Chadstone, Carnegie, and surrounding areas. Simply get in touch with our team of professional mechanics to book in a service at our garage.

Car Service and Repair Melbourne

At ALM Automotive, we treat every vehicle as if it were our own, and we guarantee that we will pay your vehicle the fullest attention it deserves when providing a service. Included in our list of car service and repair solutions for Melbourne vehicles are:


For vehicles still following their logbook schedule

Yearly ServiceYearly Service

Oil filter, engine oil, under bonnet check, safety inspection etc.

Ultimate ServiceUltimate Service

This is the most
comprehensive service available at our workshop, including fuel tank treatment and fuel injection.

Our aim is to have each and every vehicle we service running at its fullest capacity, handling the road well, and driving safely for you, your passengers, and fellow motorists. This is why we have been a trusted workshop in Oakleigh for over 30 years.

Toyota spares
If you would like to book your vehicle in for a repair or general service
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Fleet Vehicle Services Melbourne

If you require the reliable services of southeast Melbourne’s most trusted mechanic, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of professionals. We are dedicated to providing a high standard of customer service and are always happy to assist our valued customers with their enquiries about our premium car service. As a part of our outstanding and focused level of service we have the facilities, equipment, and training, to conduct fleet vehicle services across Melbourne’s metropolitan area, to keep your business or company operating smoothly and without fail.

Call us on 03 9543 4215 and we will help you with any questions you have regarding our vehicle service. We also provide all manners of repairs for all makes of vehicle, including brake repairs.

For car servicing and repairs at a TIME that suits YOU